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Apr 07, 2021

#japan #rock


錯乱前戦 ("SAKURAN-ZENSEN") is a band I discovered last year and, needless to say, I was instantly hooked. It is pure energy and sounds like the good tunes of the begin of the 21st century.


When I used to take guitar classes, I think with spent a half year on that particular song of Boris 😅. Rock'n'roll 🤘.


I have absolutely no clue what is the singer of "envy" screaming but, damn, on the top of these great melody it makes their songs so powerful.


You cannot probably speak about Japanese rock without listing MONO. There are consistent since so long and contributed so much to the post-rock era.

Nyango Star

This playlist would have not been serious without featuring Nyango Star 🥁🇯🇵!

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