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Mar 23, 2021


La Luz

Discovering the first album of La Luz changed my mind about surf rock. I used to thought it all sounded like "Surfin USA" from the Beach Boys but, it is so much more than that. I became a real fan of that kind of music and, from La Luz. I attended their last gig in Bern, got a t-shirt, some EPs and even learned some of their songs on the guitar 🎸.


One of my last discoveries. The cover of the "Phase 2" got my interest, I stayed for the music.

The Volcanos

I literally bought The Volcanos vinyl last Saturday. It sounds a bit more standard surf rock than two previous tips.

La Femme

Not sure I can really classify La Femme as surf rock but, I notice some similarities in their excellent album "Psycho Tropical Berlin".

Duck Duck Grey Duck

When I attended the La Luz concert, Duck Duck Grey Duck did the opening. I already heard them on the radio and their performance confirmed their nice sound. Also a few weeks later I started my side project DeckDeckGo, maybe somewhere there is a link between both names 😉.

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