Renato Lousan Playlist

Feb 14, 2021

#prog #metal #rock #jazz #fusion

Thank You Scientist

It's always a pleasure to listen to TYS. A complex yet easy to listen prog rock mixed with jazz fusion vibes that will never fail to amuse me. It's love at first listen!

The Mars Volta

This band is like having an acid trip without taking drugs 😅. It's hard to describe their sui generis sound, since they mix hardcore punk (brought along by their previous band At the Drive-In) with dub and even salsa.


Plini is an instrumental act that I like to listen to while I'm coding, since I can't stand other voices in my head while I'm getting through lots of code 😆. Plini's sound is a lot more prog metal-oriented than Thank You Scientist's, though lots of his stuff are not so heavy.

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CS undergraduate student at Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil). Long-time prog rock addict and Data Science/ DevOps enthusiast.